Hello everyone! Just want to give a quick update: (November 2nd, 2021)

We've been busy this semester meeting with as many seniors as possible in group and one on one settings. The goal is to educate them about career and educational opportunities here in Knox County, and help them understand all of their post high school options.

We're taking things one step further this school year. At the end of the school year select companies will be coming into the high schools and interviewing students interested in entering the workforce. Not mock interviews. Not a job fair. Real interviews with potential employers in the school before graduation.

Have a great day and we will provide more updates soon!



JULY 2020

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Now that a little time has passed and we've had time to think and talk about the week, I wanted to share with everyone some information about our Online Summer Manufacturing Camp 2020.
Given our current climate, hosting an in person event was next to impossible. Under no circumstances did we want to completely cancel, so we took on the challenge of making it a completely online event. We hand delivered kits to each of the participating students that were filled with project materials, hats, snacks, and much more.
On Monday the students had an opportunity to hear a welcome message from Senator Sherrod Brown. After that they heard a wonderful presentation on the importance of personal protective equipment. The afternoon featured a presentation by Park National Bank about how banks work, the importance of finances, and how it relates directly back to manufacturing.
Tuesday was the students first opportunity to get hands on. The morning began with them working a project designed by Coyne Graphic Finishing. They received either a jet or deer head that they were able to follow instructions and put together. Immediately following the assembly Coyne Graphic Finishing gave a wonderful presentation that included who they are, what they make, and even a tour of the facility. Tuesday afternoon everyone completed assembly of their project.
Wednesday's feature company was Ver-Mac Industries. The students had the opportunity to listen to a great presentation, see pictures and videos from the facility, and then listen to a panel of employees talk about their career paths. After lunch everyone worked on a wire bending project where the kids could design shapes and for the wire to fit the design.
Thursday was the last of our manufacturing presentations and we ended with FT Precision. FT took the online camp as an opportunity to host a LIVE tour for the students. They were able to see products being made in real time, which was pretty cool. Again the students had the opportunity to ask questions and learn all about different employee's career paths. The take home kits include a model of a single cylinder engine that the students were able to learn about to help better understand what FT made. Thursday afternoon was a presentation from Dawson employment services that highlighted the importance of resumes, interviewing skills, communication, and simply being on time.
Friday was our closing day on a very busy week. In the morning everyone watched the videos The Career Path Less Taken and Success in the New Economy. We then heard a presentation from the Knox County Foundation talking about different scholarship opportunities for local students. Our Friday ended with presentations by the Knox Technical Center and COTC. They really highlighted career pathways that they have available and what wonderful resources that we're so lucky to have.
We were also fortunate throughout the entire week to have some of our local teachers stop in to listen to companies speak as well as give a lot of good insight from the perspective of an educator.
The entire week was just absolutely incredible. Everyone learned quite a bit throughout the week, including myself.
A huge thank you goes out to Tyler Shinaberry of EPIK, Cathy Youtkus of the Area Development Foundation, the numerous members of WorkDev that supported and helped, Tanner Salyers for creating/running the event the previous two year, The Knox County Foundation, and the Knox Educational Service Center. Without these people and institutions this event would have been impossible.
After seeing the how successful an online event can be we'll be planning more of them in the near future. Stay tuned!